Planned litter



Depending on the time of her heat, Narnia will hopefully have a litter in the beginning of 2019. Wie have chosen Copper as the father for this litter. Copper is a very, very cuddling and relaxed character, we have deeply fallen in love with him because of his really cool character in everyday life and his strong will and expression when working with sheep. 


He is able to cope with criticism a bit better than Narnia, but without being hard or too independant. We expect very social puppies who look for loving homes.




We would take 1-2 more nice puppy-families on our list, but please no obedience, flyball or frisbee interests, thanks.


Flyland Never Stop Narnia


born: 20.02.2015

Hips: A2

Elbows: clear/clear

OCD: clear/clear

no transitional vertebra, no spondylosis

heart sonography 2017 ad 2018: perfect

thyroid: clear

eyes checked and perfectly ok (april 2015 and june 2018)


CEA: carrier



Mother:          Int. AgCH Lista Bella, hips: B/C, elbows clear

Father:           Eiri Greme Ray, hips: A, elbows, OCD clear



  • Flyland Nata Vincere (female, b/w, smooth, not x-rayed)
  • Flyland Nothing's Impossible (female, choc/w, rough, HD A, ED clear, heart sonography perfect)
  • Flyland Nuclear Power (male, choc/w, smooth,  HD B/B, ED clear, heart sonography perfect)
  • Flyland Natural Wonder (male, black merle, smooth, HD A, ED clear, heart sonography perfect)
  • Flyland Northern Lights (male, black merle, smooth, HD B/C, died 08/19)

For videos and more pictures, please look at our German version !




Born: 11.05.2015

Hips: A2

Elbows: clear/clear

OCD: clear/clear

eyes checked and perfectly ok




Father: Int.Sup.Ch. Glencregg Silver 
Mother: Gem

What our puppy parent can expect:

  • carefully socialized puppies familiar with animals, children, used to car driving and crates
  • complete osteopathic treatment and checkup of mother and puppies
  • puppies will get to know the clicker
  • Puppies will be growing up in the house with a nice garden
  • big puppy give away package
  • FCI/VDH pedigree/certificate
  • health results of parents and their siblings open to view
  • Well educated breeder with knowledge of body structure and biomechanics and with that best chances of development into talented athletes
  • lifelong free osteopathic checkup for your "puppy" twice a year, done by me

What we wish our "puppy-parents" to give:

  • if children: older than 6 years (always depending on the kids and your life)
  • experienced in dogsports and dogtraining in general (positive reinforcement!)
  • we are happy if you are willing to take part in online training (no NEED)
  • very very positive training methods, we expect a bit softer puppies
  • your dog pack should not be larger than your time schedule can afford (dogs should get their "single" time)
  • your dog pack should be friendly and without agression amongst each other
  • possibility and intention to train regularly (agility and/or herding)
  • dogs should not be alone at home for longer than 4-5 hours in a row
  • dog should be walked of leash at least twice a day
  • dog should be staying at your side on competition days, not be lying in the car all day long
  • dog should be allowed to be on the couch at least (perhaps bed, if you like) as we expect very cuddling and loving puppies
  • you finances should allow you to pay all necessary medical treatments!!!!!!





Tierärztin Imke Niewöhner

            Hasenweg 28

            26209 Hatten