Breeding goals



Actually, first thing you read on every breeder homepage is "we are breeding healthy dogs". Well, writing "health does not matter to us" would be rather ironic... So I will not mention that health results are fundamental to our plans.  Results of the dogs can be found at "litters" and "our dogs".




 I try to breed border collies that are easy to have in everyday life. Besides a good "youth phase" with their owner, genetics are important!


Dogs we use in breeding show a nice and relaxed character, without any agression or tendencies to osbsessions (like herding moving objects, staring at toys, biting in crates, bting gras etc.)


Our breeding dogs should be confident in everyday life and should not fear things like noises  and strangers. We breed with friendly, loving and openhearted (meanspirited people would say  "pushy")dogs. 


A people oriented character with great ability to work does not automatically mean "obsessed" or "madness".


Or, like a good friend said: "Border collies that are able to walk straight forward"

Surrounding to grow up

Our home has a lot of space, a big garden and the puppies will get to kinow different sounds and get a lot of interesting motorical input.


They are grown up with the "early neurological stimulation" program.


In week 7 and 8 we will do small trips with the puppies, learning them to be traveling by car, showing them different animals and life in general.



Tierärztin Imke Niewöhner

            Hasenweg 28

            26209 Hatten